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Our Creedo:
Friends, The state of Discipline of Children in the Western World is in CRISIS!
We all see it every time we go to a restaurant, ride a plane, or go into a convenience store: Young people totally out of Control! And who's to Blame?
Certainly not the immature Youth, unready for unbridled freedom
with no experience to guide him.
No, the Blame lies squarely with today's Mothers and Fathers
who abdicate their Duty to Police the behaviour of their very own children!
And, WHY? Three Reasons:

For many, the Wisdom of the Ages has been chucked out
for Feel-Good but ineffective liberalism.

Other parents are unable simply due to their own weak Minds and weaker Wills
coming from having had no Discipline themselves.

Lastly, some merely lack the proper tools to complete their Obligations.
It is this third group that ChildRod.com seeks to assist.
By providing high quality and affordable Disciplinary Equipment,
We seek no less than the rescue of Modern Civilization.
Join with me in letting no mis-behaviour go unpunished.
Click below and with your purchases, we can turn the tide of chaos to Order.
Thank you and God Bless.

-Pr. Clyde


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Introducing The Childrod!
"He who spares the Rod hates his son,
but he that Loves him Corrects him"
(Proverbs 13:24)
 May God Bless You for doing the Right Thing!
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