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Our Flagship product is The Childrod Paddle™ (see advertisment below).
We are now able to offer you the following tools of Loving Chastisement.
We are looking to expand our product line so if you know of other appropriate products
of a similar nature, Please feel free to make a suggestion

Child Tethers: Our Tethers are made from the finest quality climbing equipment available. We have the full range of harness sizes to fit your child from infant to morbidly obese pre-teen. Literally, you could pull your child up a mountain with this product. S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL $69.99
Hospital Bed Restraints: Hospitals have them, so why shouldn't you? Now you can Immobilize your not-so-little man at any time, stopping even the wildest tantrums. $74.99

Shock Collars:
similar to animal training kits. Voice activated for the overly loud or Remote controlled for instant behaviour correction at your fingertips. Expect quiet cooperation. $99.99
Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Generator: Click HERE for info. Internet based.$FREE!

Electroshock Bed Wetting Trainer: Two foil sheets are placed on the bed beneath the fitted sheet. When your young person soils herself, an electric contact is made and a harmless but definite shock will be delivered. The young person is both awakened and instantly given appropriate feedback to avoid re-ocurrance. Bed wetting guaranteed to be over in one week! $69.99
Paddles: Customized Corporal Punishment of the Highest Caliber!
A crucial aspect of quality administration is often ignored: Matching the correct paddle width to the youth's backside is extremely important for effective use. The plank of the instrument should be no larger or smaller than its intended target. Too small and the stimuli is inadequate. Too large and the upper thighs or lower back can impede your strike. Please measure the fleshy portion of the buttocks from top to bottom of the muscular area and use the properly sized implement as growth proceeds. Holes drilled in the body of the paddle decrease wind resistance allowing for faster swings while also increasing the overall length of stinging edges. Specify color, width, and number of holes. $49.99 (scroll down for print advertisement).
"He who spares the R
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Our Proud Product line
Instruments of Loving Chastisement
From ChildRod.com

"He who spares the Rod hates his son,
but he that Loves him Corrects him"
(Proverbs 13:24)
 May God Bless You for doing the Right Thing!
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